State-by-state analysis of active/passive appreciation

BVWireIssue #60-1
September 12, 2007

Don’t miss today’s  teleconference on “Active and Passive Appreciation in Divorce,” which includes among other timely reading materials a fifty-state (and District of Columbia) summary of case law related to the issues of active/passive appreciation.  Recently prepared by attorneys Jeff Weinstein and Scott Danaher of Weinstein Snyder Lindemann Sarno (Roseland, NJ; The summary is just one reason to tune into the expert panel led by Jay Fishman and including Ashok Abbott, Ph.D., William Morrison, and Steve Wagner.  Other reasons include the topics of discussion and practice tips, such as:

  • Relationship between separate, commingled, and transmuted property
  • Practical examples of the treatment of separate property
  • Does separate property receive different treatment in community property states versus common law and equitable distribution states?
  • Problems with traditional ways of measuring passive appreciation
  • New or non-traditional tools available to practitioners to measure passive appreciation
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