Sole BV member of ASB asked to resign

BVWireIssue #62-1
November 7, 2007

At one point during the same ASA session, a member of the audience “took exception” to the suggestion that service on the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) might be one way to approach the standards dilemma, noting that a “member of his firm”—and the sole BV member of the ASB—was recently asked to resign.  The speaker did not elaborate, but his tone implied an affront as well as a general exception.  In post-conference follow-up, Noreen Dornenburg— appointed in October 2006 to serve as Vice Chair of the ASB for a three-year term—confirmed that she was indeed asked to resign from the Board, “for personal reasons,” she said.  The Appraisal Foundation has yet to issue any public comment or notice of the vacancy (in fact, Dornenburg is still listed as a member of the 2007 ASB at the website.)  BVWire asked a member of TAF’s Board of Trustees to comment, but has not yet received a response. Next Month's BVU will also feature Dornenburg's overview of the standards "quagmire," along with her insights into possible solutions.

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