Question for management: What’s your ‘mission mantra’?

BVWireIssue #49-4
October 25, 2006

One of the best interview questions for management: ask for a recap of the company’s mission statement. If they’ve read but can’t remember it, perhaps it’s time to create a “mission mantra”: three or four words that employees can easily identify—and customers, too.

That’s the advice Guy Kawasaki (author of Art of the Start and former Apple executive) gave a packed audience at the October 19th Conference on Growth by the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). Examples of mission mantras are Nike’s “Authentic Athletic Performance” and eBay’s “Democratic Commerce.”

Or how about “Make meaning, not money”—a mantra that more investors want to hear from businesses, relaying their focus on product and services, not just profits. It’s yet another indication that the M & A world is looking for real value beyond financial statements; and to make meaning, Kawasaki told ACG attendees, businesses need to (1) increase the quality of life, (2) right a wrong, or (3) prevent the end of something good.

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