Pratt’s Stats® keeps giving you more

BVWireIssue #75-3
December 17, 2008

Peter Schiff may have been two years ahead of his time, but few now doubt the economy is severely recessed. In a year when companies are cutting back and giving you less for your hard-earned dollars, Pratt’s Stats rejects the cost-cutting norm and, in doing so, gives you even more bang for your buck. Not only does Pratt’s Stats continue to be the premier private transaction database for the valuation professional, it has received a data injection sizable enough to make even Jose Conseco blush. In 2008, Pratt’s Stats added a whopping 1,933 new deals to the database—629 more transactions than last year’s addition of 1,304 deals!

Note also that this hefty addition of transactions comes during a year when M&A and buying activity took a nosedive. The largest increases came from restaurants (+314 new deals), gasoline service stations (+72), business services (+60), software (+57), and grocery stores (+51). At up to 88 data points per transaction and 12,390+ total private deals, Pratt’s Stats empirical data provide your catalyst for arriving at an accurate, supportable valuation. These transactions are but finger strokes away—visit to take advantage of this resource.

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