Pratt’s Stats adds new Analyzer tool

BVWireIssue #113-5
February 29, 2012

Pratt’s Stats has just added a new, enhanced functionality. For no additional cost, current as well as new subscribers and single-search users can now take advantage of the Pratt’s Stats Analyzer, a new Excel-based tool that greatly improves a user’s ability to analyze selected transactions. Although users have always had the option of downloading their data into Excel, the Pratt’s Stats Analyzer takes that functionality to the next level by offering built-in tools to select and deselect transactions, create scatter graphs with the data, calculate regression formulas, and compute and apply median, mean, and harmonic mean valuation multiples. After completing their analysis, searchers can export any or all of their worksheets to a new Excel workbook. To sum up its key highlights, the new Analyzer enables analysts to:

  • Use search tools to easily select and deselect transactions from their analysis;
  • Use scatter graphs to quickly determine outliers;
  • Quickly compute valuable statistics from the selected sample of comps;
  • Calculate and then apply various regression formulas and valuation multiples to the subject company; and
  • Export selected sheets into their custom reports.

“The new Pratt’s Stats Analyzer provides the user with analysis tools that go beyond the web site’s search capabilities and should add immeasurably to the usability of Pratt’s Stats,” says Doug Twitchell, Publisher of BVMarketdata. For more information, visit Pratt’s Stats or contact Doug.

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