Pepperdine releases 2011 Economic Forecast Report

BVWireIssue #100-3
January 19, 2011

John Paglia (Pepperdine University) and the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project just released the results of its 2011 Economic Forecast Survey. Some highlights of the survey, based on 1,224 participants from privately-held businesses, private capital providers, investment bankers, business appraisers, and business service providers affiliated with privately-held companies, include:

  • GDP seen at 1.98% with probability of recession at 28.43%.
  • Compared to one year ago, respondents more likely to invest in US, Brazil, India, Canada, Australia, and China. Less likely to invest or expand in Japan, EU, Mexico, and Russia.
  • Most participants ‘somewhat more confident’ in U.S. economic growth in 2011
  • Most participants more incentivized to innovate today
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