New updates to critical sector of the U.S. economy

BVWireIssue #54-3
March 21, 2007

Small businesses drive the U.S. economy: They now account for 99.7% of all businesses and employ 57.4 million Americans, according to the latest statistical report from the SBA.  But while the majority of small businesses last at least two-years, less than half (44%) survive the four-year mark, says a recent MSNBC article.

Small businesses also drive the valuation profession—and only one source tracks the sometimes short-lived data on comparable small private business sales.  New updates to the BIZCOMPS® database, including 352 new transactions of “Main Street” businesses, have just been added to the database.  The 9,886 transactions in BIZCOMPS have median revenues of $368,000 and a $160,000 median selling price, and include 1,620 transactions in the restaurant industry, 938 deals in business services and over 770 deals in the area of personal service.

In addition to the  BIZCOMPS update, we have also recently added transactions to the Pratt’s Stats®, Public Stats™ and Valuation Advisors’ Lack of Marketability Discount Study™.  For more information, go to

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