New issue of Willamette’s Perspectives is released

BVWireIssue #254-4
November 29, 2023

valuation methods & approaches
tax affecting, valuation engagement, guideline transaction method

The October 2023 issue of the quarterly digital publication Perspectives, from Willamette Management Associates, has been released, and you can access it if you click here. This publication replaced the firm’s Insights publication, and the articles in this latest issue are:

  • “Preferred Equity in a Rising Interest Rate Environment" (Ben R. Duffy and Jacob L. Hudson);
  • “Considerations for Valuing the Stadium Seat Licenses of Sports Teams for Estate Tax Purposes” (Jackson Crispin); and
  • “Convertible Bonds as a Component of a Company’s Capital Structure” ( Keegan M. Pando and Weston C. Kirk). Kirk also served as editor for this issue.
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