New case law alters fair market value of intellectual property

BVWireIssue #94-2
July 21, 2010

The Supreme Court decision in Bilski v. Kappos opened the door to patents of new techniques and processes. But Bilski also paves the way for new challenges to expert witnesses testifying on the value of intellectual properties. At the BVR/Morningstar Summit on Best Practices in Valuing Intellectual Property, attorneys Lisa Brownlee and Jimmy Nguyen, both experts in intellectual property law, will discuss these and other issues in “Navigating Legal Minefields in IP Valuation: New Case Law,” the opening session of the Summit’s second day.

This session, along with many others, can be seen live in Chicago, or via a live webcast, September 15 and 16, 2010.  To find more information on the Summit, its agenda, or how to register, click here.

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