Master the art of normalization adjustments—today!

BVWireIssue #88-3
January 20, 2010

As Veritas Software makes abundantly clear, tweaking assumptions can make the difference between a highly credible valuation—and one that falls far short of convincing. Adjusting income and expenses—“normalizing” financial statements—may seem basic, but they to can produce huge differences in final results.  In fact, “the failure to develop the appropriate normalizing adjustments may result in a significant overstatement or understatement of value,” say the AICPA National BV School Supplemental Materials.

Appraisers at all levels will benefit from “Mastering the Art of Normalization Adjustments”, the next in the BVR series of webcasts, featuring expert James Ewart (Dixon Hughes, PLLC) today, Wednesday, January 20. Two CPE credits are available for any one who listens in to this $99 event. Click here to register or find out more.

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