Latest edition of BVR’s goodwill guide is here

BVWireIssue #119-5
August 29, 2012

The fifth edition of BVR’s perennialbestseller, the Guide to Personal v. Enterprise Goodwill, is now available. Highlights of new content include:

  • An article on the current state of apportioning goodwill in divorce, by appraiser James Alerding and attorney Andrew Soshnick;
  • An article on recent taxpayer defeats in Tax Court by Michael Lynch, David Beausejour, and David B. Casten;
  • The most recent court cases concerning goodwill, including digests of critical decisions, with the full-text of court opinions available with the online version of the guide; and
  • Aggregate summary data from the Goodwill Registry on medical and dental practices (published by The Health Care Group).

To read the complete table of contents and to order, click here.

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