I-banker says brokers, not BV experts, should value ASCs

BVWireIssue #109-4
October 26, 2011

“The only way to truly know what your ASC [ambulatory surgery center] is worth is to shift your paradigm from the hypothetical world of valuation professionals to the real world of investment bankers,” says a new post from Becker’s ASC Review. A fair market value [FMV] valuation “likely won't reflect the highest price that could be obtained if you sold your surgery center,” adds author and investment banker Blayne Rush. “On the other hand, market value will reflect that, and it can also influence the FMV. In other words, let the buyers of your surgery center determine the value . . . not the valuation experts.”

Really—are there no uses for a credible FMV valuation, other than telling owners to hire a broker to put their ASCs on the market? Email your thoughts to the BVWire editor.

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