Hitchner, Grabowski, Mercer: a dream team on buy-sell

BVWireIssue #58-2
July 11, 2007

We feel like a professional team that just won all three of its top draft picks.  BVR’s next teleconference will feature the “dream team” panel of Jim Hitchner, Roger Grabowski, and Chris Mercer for “Buy-Sell Agreements: Opportunities & Challenges for Business Appraisers.”  The last in a three-part series, the discussion will kickoff with each expert delivering a central message to appraisers on buy-sells, followed by a discussion of the biggest problems, best and worst experiences—and what each would like to see in a “best of all possible” buy-sell world. 

To register for the July 19th conference, click here; copies (CD or transcript) of the first two parts of the series are also available at that site.

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