Hiring tip: Interns are indispensable

BVWireIssue #45-4
June 28, 2006

According to the latest issue of Journal of Accountancy, staffing shortages among CPA firms are at an “all-time high.” So it’s no wonder that many BV firms are suffering in the wake, and good talent—at all levels—is hard to find these days. At the IBA, Bill Quackenbush (Advent Valuation Advisors), tells a bit of a horror tale about hiring a college junior (and paying several semesters of her tuition), only to have her jump onboard a Big 4 firm after graduation.

Presenter Chris Mellen (Delphi Valuation Advisors, Inc.) had a better experience with interns: “They are the way to go,” he says. (He started his career as one.) “I’m a big believer in interns,” as a finance student from your local university or MBA program is eager for the experience—and far less expensive than a “regular” hire.

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