Good news for global health

BVWireIssue #49-2
October 11, 2006

Sometimes the news from non-BV parts of the world is so good, it bears reporting in any venue: France has just joined a long list of countries to enact a smoking ban in public places, according to a prime-time announcement last week by the country’s Prime Minister. Passive smoking kills 13 people a day in France, M. de Villepin said in a TV interview, an “unacceptable” statistic that prompted the ban, which will take effect in nightclubs, restaurants and cafes beginning January 2008. Fines will be up to 75 euros for individuals, 150 euros for the premises—which begs the question for business appraisers: How has the ban affected the value of smoke-free restaurants in the U.S. and/or abroad? If you have any insights or information “from the field,” email the BVWire editor; for a current snapshot of global smoke-free zones, see the write-up at BBC News online.

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