Global BV News: Valuation firms slash costs via outsourcing to India

BVWireIssue #174-1
March 1, 2017

Most standard valuation components can now be performed in India, according to Bharat Kanodia, who is with Veristrat Inc., a firm with offices in San Francisco and New Delhi, India. “The cost for valuation services performed in India by U.S. firms on an outsourced basis is currently averaging about 50% of the cost of a valuation performed domestically on a long-term basis,” he writes in an article in the March issue of Business Valuation Update. The tasks now performed in India include data collection, industry and economic research, competitive and comparable analysis, financial modeling, valuation report reviews, among others.

Let us know what you think about outsourcing portions of your valuation work to less expensive sources. How does this practice impact the profession?

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