Global BV News: V20 Valuation Summit and Conference in India October 27-29

BVWireIssue #250-2
July 19, 2023

global business valuation
global business valuation education, international business valuation, international valuation standards council (IVSC)

The Assessors and Registered Valuers Foundation (AaRVF) and the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) will co-host the V20 (Valuation 20) conference October 27-29 in New Delhi, India. The AaRVF is a Registered Valuers Organization the government of India recognizes. For details and to register, click here.

Call for papers: There is a call for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and industry professionals to contribute their commentaries and research papers on several important themes, including technology, ESG, and more. Submissions of abstract papers are due August 18, and, if accepted, the final papers will be due October 1. For details on the call for papers, click here.

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