Global BV News: New IVSC Perspectives Paper examines the valuation of data

BVWireIssue #258-1
March 6, 2024

global business valuation
intangible property, intangible valuation, international business valuation, IVSC, data

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) has its sights set on data and how to value it. “The next revision of IVS could conceivably include more explicit references to data as an asset,” says the paper, titled “Valuing Data,” written by Nicolas Konialidis, IVSC technical director, Business Valuation Board. The paper examines:

  • What is meant by data as an asset;
  • How it acquires and eventually loses value;
  • How it is accounted for under selected current accounting standards; and
  • What valuation professionals should keep in mind when valuing data.

It is possible that this topic may be included in the forthcoming public IVSC agenda consultation as a precursor to changes in the standards, the paper notes.

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