Global BV news: Hamed Behairy explains his ‘unique’ BV training, set for Dubai September 6-10

BVWireIssue #155-4
August 26, 2015

BVWire recently interviewed Hamed Behairy, who will be conducting a week-long business valuation training course in Dubai on September 6-10. The course, Company Valuation Modeling (CVM), is described as “unique,” and we asked him to tell us why.

“It is unique in terms of the depth of the material, the practicality, and the usefulness,” says Behairy. “I pride myself in being able to bring all participants with different specialization and experience on a par by the end of the event. It is not easy to have a portfolio manager, a lawyer, an accountant, and even a doctor attending this program to end up at the same level by the end. That’s what we call ‘unique.’ We are tremendously proud of this event.”

Worldwide training: Behairy is considered one of the best valuation trainers in the world and has presented this course to hundreds of professionals in many different countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. He is a CFA charter holder who worked in the asset management industry for many years before becoming a global financial consultant, modeller, and trainer. His intensive CVM course takes participants from the basics to the more advanced topics in valuation.

Behairy gives an overview of the course: “We start from the roots, discussing all individual inputs, understanding them fully and comprehending the changes and the frequency of changes that take place to the inputs. Then we put these inputs into Excel models that are very practical and professional as per the best practices globally. We will cover all different valuation techniques. There are basically four different ways of valuing companies: asset-based valuation, discounted cash flow valuation, relative valuation, and option pricing. These four approaches will be discussed in detail. We will not just go through the topics, we will critically talk in depth about every single aspect. Then, these valuation techniques will be applied to different scenarios: valuing healthy companies, valuing distressed companies, valuing properties, valuing contracts, valuing patents, and valuing private companies. On the last day, we will apply valuation within the context of mergers and acquisitions and see how it fits into the bigger picture of M&A transactions.”

The full interview with Behairy, in which he also discusses the state of the valuation profession in Dubai, is available on BVR’s Global Business Valuation Resource Centre.

For more information on the CVM course in Dubai on September 6-10, click here.

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