EOU subscribers now have access to its archives

BVWireIssue #52-4
January 24, 2007

In answer to frequent requests from Economic Outlook Update™ subscribers, we’ve now made all past issues of the EOU (beginning with the 1st Quarter 2003) available with a current subscription.

Why is historical economic information so critical? In the February issue of the Business Valuation Update™, Carole Gailor, Esq. (www.gailorwallishunt.com) points out industry analysis from other online providers doesn’t provide historical profiles, “so that it is difficult if not impossible to find an industry profile that reflects the chosen industry at the valuation date (or during a period reasonably proximate to the valuation date).”

In a recent case, Gailor deconstructed the opposing expert’s valuation report—and devastated the party’s case—by pointing out the absence of industry data at or close to the relevant valuation date, which violated “a central, methodological tenet of business valuation,” that any data reflecting conditions after the valuation date are not relevant.

Her article, “The Ethical Conundrum of Attribution: Plagiarism in Valuation Reports,” also identifies the appropriate citation and use of EOU data; her article is so important, we’ve posted it to the EOU site, along with information on its new archive feature, discounted group subscriptions, and more.

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