Divorce Highlight: Something for everyone at the AAML/BVR Divorce Conference

BVWireIssue #239-1
August 3, 2022

marital dissolution/divorce
divorce valuation, marital dissolution, marital estate, conference

The breadth of topics run from basic to complex at the 2022 AAML/BVR National Conference, which will be held on September 18-20 in Las Vegas. For example, attorney Adam John Wolff (Alter, Wolff & Foley LLP) will be on two panels: one on complex valuation issues involving hedge funds and private equity and another panel on basic accounting questions attorneys ask their financial experts. In a short video, Wolff points out that his two sessions are representative of the range of topics the conference will cover—and every session will have something new to offer, he says. The conference attendance will be about half attorneys and half financial experts—and the sessions are co-presented by attorneys and experts as well. The AAML is the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. To see the full agenda and to register, click here.
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