DealStats users spark enhancements to the database

BVWireIssue #238-3
July 27, 2022

private company transaction data
private company comps, private company financial reporting, guideline transaction method, dealstats

BVR's Market Data Team recently surveyed DealStats users, and their suggestions have prompted some enhancements. For example, users indicated that it would be important to know whether the buyer in a transaction financed the cash purchase price through an SBA or bank loan. Now, the DealStats platform includes the following searchable fields:

  • “SBA/Bank Loan Included” (whether an SBA or bank loan was included in the transaction);
  • “SBA/Bank Loan Amount” (if a loan was included in the transaction, you can now see the exact amount);
  • “SBA/Bank Loan % of Amount Down” (exactly how much of the cash paid to the seller was financed through an SBA or bank loan); and
  • “Bank Name—If Available” (the name of the bank that provided the SBA loan or other financing).

More enhancements are in the works based on the feedback from users. BVR thanks all of those who participated in the survey.

Please let us know if you have any comments about this article or enhancements you would like to see.