DealStats now lets nonsubscribers search comparables

BVWireIssue #216-2
September 16, 2020

market approach
private company transaction data, market approach, public company data, dealstats

The DealStats public- and private-transaction database now allows a nonsubscriber to fully utilize the “Quick Search” and “Search” tabs to view limited information on the “Data” tab. A nonsubscriber may also download basic search result information to Excel using the “Only Displayed Fields” option on the “Download” tab and find helpful resources on the “User References” tab. To try a Guest Search, click here.

This is the latest in a series of enhancements to DealStats. Recently, the database added a weighted harmonic mean statistic to both the “Statistics” tab and the “Summary” tab. Another enhancement was made to the Download option for “Only Displayed Fields” and “All Available Fields,” which now includes a second worksheet, which contains the “Summary” tab information (so users have a record of their search criteria, their selected/deselected transaction IDs, and their summary statistics). Also, the new version of the MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist software added a feature that allows users to import data from DealStats.

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