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BVWireIssue #137-2
February 12, 2014

Report & Testimony for Litigation & Deposition (February 14), featuring Rebekah Smith (GBQ Consulting LLC). Part 2 of BVR’s Advanced Webinar Series on Reporting & Testimony focuses on how best to present and defend valuation work in litigation, deposition, and cross-examination.

Join us for the remaining installments of the Advanced Webinar Series on Reporting & Testimony:

Valuation Handbook - Guide to Cost of Capital and the Risk Premium Calculator (February 20), featuring Roger Grabowski (Duff & Phelps). Join us for this free first look at the 2014 Valuation Handbook (available with any subscription to the Risk Premium Calculator or on its own) to learn how Grabowski and the brain-trust at Duff & Phelps have combined their long-running, annual publication, the Risk Premium Report, with the data previously available in the now-discontinued SBBI Valuation Yearbook to create a critical single resource for all year-end data for cost of capital determination. 

Demystifying Compensation for Hospital Call Coverage: New Data Sources and Methods for Valuing On-Call Pay (February 25), featuring Timothy Smith (American Appraisal) and Gregory Anderson (Horne). Part 2 of BVR’s 2014 Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation addresses the proper methodology for implementing the new tools and resources that seek to clarify hospital call coverage valuation.

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