Can BV help close the corporate strategy gap—while driving its own profits?

BVWireIssue #48-1
September 13, 2006

How can business valuators help close the gap? “Successful strategy is about being different from competitors,” says Warren Miller, ASA, CPA, CMA (Beckmill Research). “As the Japanese have learned the hard way, imitation is not the way to prosperity. Innovation is.”

In Beckmill’s experience, says Miller, “The disconnect between strategy and execution results from managers (and consultants) who fail to align their choices of Strategy with the People, Architecture, Routines and Culture in their organizations. Think of asking a symphony orchestra to play hip-hop.”

Beckmill aligned these elements within their newly-developed SPARC framework, which aims to help companies increase value and lengthen the durability of competitive advantages. This positioning also allows the valuator to realize profitable "add on" consulting opportunities. For more on the “analyst-as-strategist” role, be sure to tune into BVR’s next telephone conference, “Joined at the Hip: Combining Valuation and Strategy to Enhance Value for Clients,” on September 20, 2006, featuring Miller and Thomas Box (Pittsburgh State University).

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