BVR Guides now e-Book and Kindle-friendly

BVWireIssue #105-5
June 29, 2011

BVR is pleased to announce that many of our publications are now available in e-Book and Kindle formats.  “E-Books offer several advantages, including instant access, searchability, and portability,” says Colin Murcray, BVR’s Director of Guides and Books. As a result, BVR has made the following available in E-Book and Kindle formats at its website, and will add more soon:

  • The AHLA/BVR Guide to HealthCare Valuation
  • BVR’s Guide to Issues in Estate & Gift Tax
  • BVR’s Guide to Discounts for Lack of Marketability
  • BVR’s Guide to Personal v. Enterprise Goodwill
  • BVR’s Guide to Restaurant Valuation
  • Reasonable Compensation: Application & Analysis for Appraisal, Tax and Management Purposes
  • The Comprehensive Guide to Lost Profits Damages, for Experts & Attorneys
  • BVR’s Guide to Valuations for IRC 409A Compliance
Please let us know if you have any comments about this article or enhancements you would like to see.