BVMarketData show how M&A powerhouse stays on the Dow

BVWireIssue #49-2
October 11, 2006

This past week, the Dow Jones Industrials closed at a new record high of 11,866.69, toppling the previous high of 11,722.98 set back in January of 2000 (at the tail-end of the tech-driven boom). As many appraisers know, the Dow is comprised of 30 publicly-traded companies who represent critical American industries. The only enterprise to remain on the index since inception? General Electric Company—which has also been prolific in mergers and acquisitions.

In fact, General Electric was the acquiring firm in a total of thirty-three (33) unique transactions culled from BVMarketData’s Public Stats™ and Mergerstat®/Shannon Pratt’s Control Premium Study™. For more information on these powerful transactional databases, visit

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