BVMarketdata: better, faster, stronger

BVWireIssue #66-1
March 5, 2008

In response to subscriber requests, over the last few days we’ve made a series of changes to that will make search and data retrieval even more efficient.  Key improvements include:

  • We’ve modified certain pages that bots (web crawlers) could get stuck on and potentially bog down the server.
  • We’ve decreased the output size of the Pratt’s Stats® search results and Excel downloads.
  • Users now receive compressed data.

This last point significantly reduces the size of transferred data and accelerates search results. For example, a Pratt’s Stats search that resulted in 1500 transactions used to take approximately 58 seconds to download and display. Now, with the compressed data, the same search takes only five seconds.  Downloading the Excel file takes only one second now, compared to 50 seconds before.  Subscribers can enjoy the new improvements at BVMarketData. 

Please let us know if you have any comments about this article or enhancements you would like to see.