Business owners duck advice, says expert

BVWireIssue #179-4
August 23, 2017

If you’re looking to expand your business valuation practice into consulting engagements, be aware of one potential hurdle. Business owners are not open to getting advice—they’re just not wired that way, explains John Warrillow in a Sageworks webinar. You need to figure out your prospect’s deepest personal motivations in order to understand how to win him or her over.

Simple trick: Take a look at his or her business card. The title he or she uses can give you a clue as to his or her primary motivations and the way he or she sees himself or herself. A “mountain climber” will use the title of founder, CEO, or chairman, even if there’s only a handful of people in his or her firm. The “freedom fighter” will use the title of owner or president, while a “master craftsman” may use his or her profession or trade as a title.

A recap of the webinar, Why Business Owners Don’t Buy Coaching From Their Accountant (And What to Do About It), can be found in an article in AccountingToday.

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