Borrowman gives BV recruiting insights on AICPA podcast

BVWireIssue #249-3
June 21, 2023

practice management and growth
business valuation profession, practice management

After over 25 years of recruiting talent exclusively in the business valuation profession, John Borrowman (Borrowman Baker LLC) revealed recent trends and what the profession can do to lure more young people into the fold.

Hit the campuses: One idea is to promote a stronger introduction to BV at the college level, he advised during a recent AICPA podcast, pointing out that the valuation profession is still relatively unknown among college students. The podcast’s host, Nene Gianfala (Chaffe & Associates) agreed and noted that, while some colleges do have valuation programs, many students she talks with have no clue about it. She is a guest lecturer on valuation, which is welcomed by professors and is a great way to introduce the profession to students.

They also talked about the “perfect storm” in the profession, the exit of the older generation (the Silver Tsunami) and post-pandemic labor trends. You can listen to the entire 30-minute podcast if you click here. The AICPA plans to do two podcasts per month on valuation and forensics topics.

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