ASA decides ‘we are one’

BVWireIssue #90-2
March 10, 2010

In strategic growing pains that may be felt by the rest of the appraisal profession, the American Society of Appraisers’ Board of Governors discussed quite a bit more at its most recent midterm meeting than just a potential merger with RICs (see last week’s BVWire™). “[We] gave serious thought to the issues of long range planning and the direction that should be set for the Society,” says ASA International President Michael Evans, in a follow-up letter to members. “We met, debated, and [though] we did not all agree, we did reach consensus on a number of issues.”

First and foremost: “Do we plan for one organization or for six disciplines?’ After all, one society can be subject to central planning—six cannot. “The Board clearly decided that we are one Society,” Evans said. As for any non-profitable disciplines, the discussion was “hotly debated,” with several ideas on the table but none clearly accepted.

How will we fund future operations? “Again, the Board debated this issue at length but did not make any changes,” Evans said. Similarly, it requested more information on expanding its international educational strategy, including a collaborative proposal with Canadian appraisers (CICBV). As to the proposed merger with RICs (an estimated five-to-ten year process), the Board did not believe it was the ASA’s best interest. Long-term cooperation with sister international societies is “appropriate and necessary,” Evans said, and to that end, the Board affirmed its long-term commitment to coordinating “a unified voice” among appraisal organizations.

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