ABV’s grow by 25% in 2006

BVWireIssue #51-2
December 13, 2006

The AICPA confab attracted more than 900 BV specialists to Austin, reflecting the profession’s continuing expansion. “The number of CPAs holding the Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) credential grew about 25% over the past year, to approximately 2,300,” Mike Crain (Financial Valuation Group) announced over lunch. As Chair of the AICPA BV Committee, Crain also reported on the status of the AICPA’s move from the New York area to Durham, S.C. (almost complete) and its talks with the ASA about planning another record-breaking joint valuation conference in the near future (ongoing). Their previous joint effort, in Las Vegas last November, sold out to a crowd of over 1600 attendees.

But what about the new ABV ‘sponsor program’? Crain also updated the new program for the ABV credential, which began in November of this year and will run until May 15, 2007. The ABV credential is being offered to CPAs who hold other recognized valuation credentials, such as CBA, CFA, and CVA; and who have at least 1000 hours of valuation experience, have passed a valuation exam, and have ABV sponsors. Supporters compare it to state bar associations that allow experienced attorneys to “waive” licensing requirements when moving into new jurisdictions, including having to pass the local bar exam.

But detractors say that the new program dilutes the credibility of the ABV. For more information on the program, click here. To register your confidential opinion, write the BVWire editor.

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