A lot of musing going on

BVWireIssue #258-3
March 20, 2024

valuation profession news
business valuation profession, valuation standards, valuation methods

Some thought leaders in the business valuation profession are shaking things up with their musings. We now have “Musings on Markets(Damodaran), “Musings on Myths” (Jim Hitchner), and “Mercer’s Musings” (Chris Mercer). Can you have too many musings? We don’t think so. Musing is a good thing—a thought-provoking process that triggers a fresh look at some ideas, concepts, and notions that have been kicking around for a long time (maybe too long). Of course, there will not be universal agreement on some (or all) of them, but it encourages a healthy discussion, which is how a profession evolves.
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