2023 NACVA Porter Award recipient gives back in a big way

BVWireIssue #256-3
January 24, 2024

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business valuation profession, conference, national association of certified valuation analysts (NACVA)

A few years ago at a conference, BVWire had the pleasure of chatting with J. Richard Claywell, a Houston practitioner who has been providing business valuation and forensic accounting services since 1985. He has a “few credentials,” namely the CPA, ABV, ASA, CBA, ICVS, CVA, MAFF, CFD, ABAR, CVGA, MBV, and ICVS-A. While we talked, we noticed a logo of a helicopter on his shirt, so we asked him about it. It was the logo of the Vietnam Dustoff Association. After being prompted, Claywell told us some incredible accounts of his time as a medic during the Vietnam War and flying in on helicopters to evacuate and treat wounded comrades while dodging enemy fire. He is on the board of the association, which organizes reunions and provides “a safe haven for emotional healing as may be necessary,” according to its website.

Claywell’s spirit of giving back applies to the valuation profession as well, which is one reason why he is the 2023 recipient of the Thomas R. Porter Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given to a NACVA member who has demonstrated exemplary character, leadership, and professional achievements to NACVA and the industry. Always willing to help colleagues, Claywell has taught at various educational institutes and universities and has been published in several publications. Over the years, he has volunteered on boards and committees at NACVA, starting in its very early years. Michael Kaplan and Lari Masten talked with Claywell and presented him with the award, and you can watch the video if you click here.

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