Last chance to guide the future of IVS 30 April

BVWire–UKIssue #25-2
April 20, 2021

UK business valuers who prepare or review valuations within the scope of the International Valuation Standards (IVS) can make a big difference in their direction now. IVSC and their technical committees would very much like your input. The public consultation on Technical Revisions to IVS, which will prioritize and capture targeted revisions to the IVS based on feedback received since their last full update in January 2020, will close on 30 April. To give feedback, click here. (A second consultation on the new standards covering the valuation of financial instruments—new IVS 500—and outlining proposals for new standards covering the valuation of financial instruments closes today. To give feedback, click here.)

Without extensive feedback, IVSC are exposed to expanding their business valuation standards in areas that are of primary interest to select firms or parties, both in the UK and in the many countries around the world that use the IVS as their prime BV professional standards, so these consultations play a critical role in the direction of the entire profession.

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