Coffee Shops

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June 15, 2024
5812 Eating and Drinking Places
722515 Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars
1.4% (2019 - 2024) • 0.9% (2024 - 2029)
$54.5 B
$1.9 B
$16.5 B


This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) preparing and/or serving a specialty snack, such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookies, or popcorn or (2) serving nonalcoholic beverages, such as coffee, juices, or sodas for consumption on or near the premises. These establishments may carry and sell a combination of snack, nonalcoholic beverage, and other related products (e.g., coffee beans, mugs, coffee makers) but generally promote and sell a unique snack or nonalcoholic beverage.

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