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Take advantage of these fully searchable databases or newsletters containing valuable business valuation information. Build your authoritative library by subscribing to any or all of the following products:

  • Business Valuation Update
    A monthly newsletter that keeps you current with latest news on valuation approaches, professional news, the leading conferences, publications of interest, new court decisions, changes in regulations and professional standards.
  • BVLaw
    Online database containing the full text of more than 3,700+ federal and state court decisions and related law documents involving business valuation.
  • Economic Outlook Update
    The Economic Outlook Update is a quarterly review of the state of the economy. Plus, monthly updates are now included - 16 issues a year!
  • Digital Library
    The Digital Library offers you online access, regular updates, and advanced search capability to all of BVR-published publications. 
  • BVResearch
    Online database containing hundreds of pages of research papers on valuation topics, conference presentations from various business valuation associations, and more!
  • Business Valuation Data Directory,
    Online data directory with 540+ listings that include books, periodicals, and sources of data useful for the valuation practitioner 
  • Business Reference Guide Online Database
    This online database, published by Business Brokerage Press, is the essential guide to pricing businesses. Includes keyword searching, personalized printing, continual updates throughout the year, and more!

Upcoming Webinars
We offer 100-minute Webinars on a variety of current topics in the business valuation field, with well known speakers. Two interactive CPE credits are available per session.

  • Valuation Jubilee: Celebrating BVR's 500th Event
    Thursday, June 30, 2016, 1:00pm-2:00pm PT / 1:00pm-2:00pm ET
    Featuring: Jay Fishman, Anthony Aaron, Jared Kaplan, Bruce Johnson, Neil Beaton, Anthony Banks, Michael Crain, Aswath Damodaran, David Dufendach, Gilbert Matthews, Kevin Yeanoplos, James Ewart, Candice Bassell, R. James Alerding, and Z. Christopher Mercer

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Business Valuation Resources' guides and books are the essential reference products you need to stay current with the state of the profession. Build an authoritative library of business valuation information from our list of recommended books by well known experts.

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