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Business Valuation Resources recognizes the increasing importance of accurate and defensible intangible property and intellectual property valuations not only to fulfill compliance requirements (Fair Value accounting, Transfer Pricing, etc.), but also to sustain business growth strategies worldwide. The need for a prospective look at an emerging technology can easily be distinguished from the need for a valuation of a business, but the disciplines required and methodologies utilized to perform the former require special tools.  All concerned parties can continue to count on BVR for authoritative market data, continuing professional education, and expert opinion, here as it relates specifically to valuation of intangible property.

Data Tools

ktMINE: A Database of Royalty Rate Comparables

ktMINE is an interactive intellectual property database that provides direct access to royalty rates, actual license agreements and detailed agreement summaries. With precise search functionality and robust data mining capabilities, ktMINE lets you quickly find and analyze market comparables from a goldmine of IP license agreements and documents.

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Fair Value Measurements: Practical Guidance and Implementation, Second Edition

Now in a second edition, Fair Value Measurement: Practical Guidance and Implementation helps you succeed in understanding the fair value accounting rules that entities must follow. The result is a resource that you can rely on to understand the importance of valuation and the concepts that define it. In basic, nontechnical language, author Mark Zyla presents practical direction for best practices of financial valuation as well as for understanding the many FASB pronouncements involving fair value. An essential guide for auditors and valuation specialists, Fair Value Measurement: Practical Guidance and Implementation, Second Edition brings you up to speed on what fair value really means.

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Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations

As valuation analysts know only too well, analysts, auditors and CFOs have been on their own in estimating remaining useful lives of intangible assets without significant benchmarks ever since the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) created the uniform procedure whereby the acquiring entity in a business combination must perform a purchase price allocation (PPA). This Study delivers a compilation of reported data, particularly on useful lives of intangible assets as reflected in over 360 purchase price allocations. Analysts will use the data to benchmark what intangibles are being discovered, categorized and valued in what industries, and  the ratios of individual intangible asset categories to total assets.

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BVR's Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation, Second Edition

Author and leading IP expert Michael Pellegrino analyzes real-world examples of IP valuation and discusses each of the primary IP categories including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. The new edition includes chapters on valuation approaches and guidance, due diligence, discount rate development, royalty rates and much more. The Guide is available in print, e-Book, and Kindle-friendly formats as well as an online version including bonus content, IP case law and training materials.

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Intellectual Property Strategies for the 21st Century Corporation: A Shift in Strategic and Financial Management

A practical approach to the modern management of intellectual property.The world has changed significantly in the past decade, resulting in new behavior and practice related to the ownership and management of intellectual property. Intellectual Property Strategies for the 21st Century Corporation, authored by Lanning Bryer, Scott Lebson, and Matthew Asbell, helps executives, attorneys, accountants, managers, owners, and others understand the legal, technological, economic, and cultural changes that have affected IP ownership and management. It provides case studies, practical examples and advice from seasoned and enduring professionals who have adopted new and streamlined methods and practices whether as in-house or outside counsel or service providers.

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Intellectual Property Valuation Case Law Compendium, Second Edition

Intellectual property litigation has received remarkable attention lately. Headlines and the notion of billion-dollar damage awards have captured the imagination of patent owners and potential defendants alike. BVR's Intellectual Property Valuation Case Law Compendium, 2nd Edition contains over 170 case digests and online access to the full text opinions that deal with disputes over the value of intellectual property. Use this compendium to take the guesswork out of understanding what it takes for an effective expert/attorney team to win a case in intellectual property valuation.

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Mission:  Intangible
Managing Risk and Reputation to Create Enterprise Value

Authored by Dr. Nir Kossovsky

The corporate assets not on your balance sheets (i.e., intangible assets or reputational assets) are becoming more important than ever in today's information-based global economy. Companies that strategically measure and manage intangible assets will be better positioned to succeed throughout the 21st century than companies which rely only on traditional accounting and financial analyses which were developed when our economy was based on agricultural and industrial production. Reputational assets include resilience, brands, copyrights, employee know-how, patents, trademarks, operational ethics, innovation, security, and sustainability.

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University Startup Directory

Investors, entrepreneurs, analyst and private equity professionals, corporate and government technology scouts will benefit from the information contained in The University Startup Directory - it is THE definitive resource for identifying and understanding the promising investment sector and is the first detailed list and index of university startups. University Watch brings together difficult to find data about the high potential university startup market into an easy to use report. A listing of 1,000 plus university startups, with indexes and qualifications on each, allows readers to quickly find the startups they need.

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Technology Transfer Strategies - A Guide to Maximizing Returns Within the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries

This report explores the recognized and increasing need for a better understanding between all stakeholders in the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical community concerning the efficient transfer of technologies created from early innovative research to the commercialization of new product technologies. The report introduces the concept of technology transfer and the organizational reasons for opting on technology transfer along with the major technologies transferred.

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Calculating Lost Profits in IP and Patent Infringement Cases

This Guide, edited by Nancy Fannon, brings together the comprehensive body of knowledge on lost profits damages and delivers a definitive resource for IP professionals, tech transfer executives, financial experts, and attorneys. Fannon and other leading experts present thorough analyses of current case law and valuation methodology that form the basis of damage awards in IP and patent infringement cases.

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Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge To Work in The 21st Century Organization

Intangible Capital arms companies with the understanding and practical tools to succeed in today’s innovation driven, knowledge-based economy that is increasingly dependent on the flow and use of human, relationship, structural, and strategic capital (intangible assets). The necessity to develop, manage, and value these assets has become a critical responsibility as rising percentages of a company's value, sources of revenue, and growth potential evolve directly from intangible capital. The book comes with many timely insights for using intangible capital as revenue and competitive advantage producers on an enterprise wide basis.

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Licensing Trade Secrets: Overview and Sample Agreements

Trade secrets are a consideration in every technology license. It has been estimated that the addition of trade secrets to a patent license in technology can increase the value of the license up to three to ten times. This Guide provides an overview of what constitutes a trade secret and how they affect value. The overview is followed by examples of several different kinds of real agreements that license trade secrets in one way or another. By reviewing the actual agreements, readers will learn how companies characterize and monetize their trade secrets.

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Royalty Rates in Biotech

Royalty Rates in Copyright Agreements: A BVR Guide to Full-Text Licensing Agreements

Up until now, very little has been assembled to assist in the valuation of an organization’s copyright assets. Royalty Rates in Copyright Agreements illustrates how others have realized value from their copyrights through licensing. By looking at the licenses others have negotiated, readers can gain empirical insight into relative values of these intellectual properties. The full text licenses contained in this Guide contain non-redacted variable or “running” royalty rates. Each agreement is first summarized and then provided in full text. This one-of-a-kind guide features 800+ pages of agreements and summaries, including agreements for music, movies, character/personas, scientific/technological information and more.

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Royalty Rates in Biotech

Royalty Rates in Biotech: BVR's Guide to Full-Text Licensing Agreements

Intellectual property valuations occur in the biotech industry for a number of reasons, including licensing, transfer pricing, mergers and acquitions, collateral and litigation. To assist in constructing these agreements, BVR published this Guide which contains 500+ pages of full text copies of actual licensing agreements in the biotech industry. These hard-to-find agreements provide valuable guidance in setting royalty rates and addressing complex issues in a license agreement.

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Royalty Rates for Technology, 4th Edition

Royalty Rates for Technology includes all available compensation terms for the license agreements - fixed royalty rates, per unit royalties, scaled royalty rates, and license fees. Each transaction in this Guide includes a description of the licensed technology and compensation terms including royalty rates and license fees and the identity of the licensor and licensee. Many deals also feature a discussion regarding the markets for and benefits of the licensed technology. In addition, Royalty Rate Derivation Models are provided showing different methods for calculating appropriate royalty rates and royalty audit advice to assure compliance with license agreements and the accurate collection of royalty payments.

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Royalty Rates for Trademarks & Copyrights - Fourth Edition

Financial models for determining a royalty rate are a new part of this new edition. This Guide includes rules of thumb, profit differential calculations, investment rate of return analyses and discounted cash flow analysis. Examples are presented that can be used as a template for your specific applications. Royalty rate data is reported in industries such as airlines, celebrities, electronics, publishing, sports, and more.

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Royalty Rates for IP Rates for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

This Guide reports royalty rates for an incredible range of compounds, manufacturing techniques, therapies and other pharmaceutical and biotechnology patented inventions. It presents detailed financial information about third party transactions that center on the transfer of biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology. The parties are identified, the technology is described and all of the financial terms available are reported including royalty rates, license fees and milestone payments. This new edition also presents seven financially based models for pricing and valuing biotech and pharmaceutical technology and comprehensive illustrations are provided.

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Training Programs

Attend upcoming cost of intellectual property-related webinars as part of BVR's ongoing training calendar. Webinar attendees receive all presentation materials, related ancillary reading materials, and a chance to interact with the presenter. CPE credits are also available.

Training Programs


Intangible Asset Valuation for Property Tax Compliance and Appeal Purposes
Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 10:00am-11:40am PT / 1:00pm-11:40am ET
Featuring: Robert Reilly


Divorce and IP: Are Patent Rights, Copyrights, and Trademarks Still Tied Up After the Knot Gets Untied?
Thursday, May 28, 2015, 10:00am-11:40am PT / 1:00pm-11:40am ET
Featuring: Neil Beaton


Using Alternative Valuation Approaches in Intellectual Property
Thursday, June 25, 2015, 10:00am-11:40am PT / 1:00pm-11:40am ET
Featuring: Weston Anson


Current Trends in Trade Secret Value and Damages
Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 10:00am-11:40am PT / 1:00pm-11:40am ET
Featuring: Craig Jacobson


Valuing Customer Contacts, Relationships, and Lists
Friday, August 28, 2015, 10:00am-11:40am PT / 1:00pm-11:40am ET
Featuring: Robert Reilly and John Elmore

Training Packs

Archives of all past intellectual property-related webinars are available for purchase via BVR's Training Packs. Each Training Pack includes the recording, transcript, and all reading and presentation materials from the program.

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Cover Image Date Aired Title & Information
March 4, 2014

Challenges in Measuring the Fair Value of Intangible Assets

Featuring: Robert Reilly
Run Time: 1h 55m 30s

December 19, 2013

Market-Derived Patent Data: What Data is Important and How Does It Impact Value?

Featuring: Michael Pellegrino
Run Time: 1h 29m 37s

September 25, 2013

IP Valuations for Licensed Property Acquisitions

Featuring: Ira Mayer, Weston Anson, and Jeff Anderson
Run Time: 1h 15m 11s

June 27, 2013

Valuation of Know-How: Patents, Proprietary Technology and IPR&D

Featuring: Mark Zyla
Run Time: 1h 46m 59s

May 7, 2013

Hot Topics in Patent Royalty Damages

Featuring: Richard Bero and Robert Surrette
Run Time: 1h 45m 13s

March 21, 2013

Valuing Brands

Featuring: Michael Pellegrino and Ira Mayer
Run Time: 1h 50m 22s

May 23, 2012

IP in Divorce: Dividing Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks

Featuring: Drew Voth, Neil Beaton, Ronald Anteau, and Alexa Wolff
Run Time: 1h 52m 21s

April 18, 2012

Using A Network Approach to Valuing Patents and Inventions

Featuring: Mike Lloyd and Doris Spielthenner
Run Time: 1h 28m 37s

March 21, 2012

A New Approach to IP Management: The Penn State University Research Model

Featuring: Henry Foley
Run Time: 1h 14m 31s

February 15, 2012

SBIR/STTR Grant Funding: Innovation Research and Technology Transfer

Featuring: Kristine Ann Johansen
Run Time: 1h 21m 51s

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Free Resources

Intellectual Property & the U.S. Economy: Industries in Focus

The U.S. Economics and Statistics Administration and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released this report detailing how intellectual property affects industry in the United Sates. The report identifies which industries are the most IP intensive and identifies trends, geographic spreads, IP-related employment, etc. (Prepared by Economic and Statistics Administration and United States Patent & Trademark Office, March 2012)

Transfer Pricing Regulations
The most important IRS regulations governing transfer pricing are found at 26 CFR 1.482. On August 1, 2006, the IRS issued final and proposed regulations amending this section with respect to Allocation of Income and Deductions from Intangibles.
The 2011 World Intellectual Property Report
Issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization
Uniloc U.S.A. v. Microsoft Corp. Full Text Court Case
For an in-depth analysis of this case download the full text of Uniloc U.S.A. v. Microsoft Corp.
Intellectual Asset Management for Universities (Published by the Intellectual Property Office of the UK)
This is a guide to IP strategy (that IP created by students and university staff) for decision makers in the university environment. Its target market is senior management in higher education in the UK, though the utility of the research will benefit university Technology Transfer Officers in the U.S. and elsewhere. Laws and regulations that only affect universities in the U.S. are not addressed. The guide focuses on university policies and aligning those policies with the appropriate business model.
The Evolving IP Marketplace - Aligning Patent Notice and Remedies with Competition
What is the FTC's perceived role in the exploding area of IP exploitation? This Guide of over 300 pages, published in March of 2011 by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, details the FTC position that both the Patent System and Competition serve innovation, and innovation is a critical element for long-term, sustainable growth. The Guide champions competition as an equal partner, and expresses the oft heard concern, "Invalid or overbroad patents disrupt that balance by discouraging follow-on innovation, preventing competition, and raising prices through unnecessary licensing and litigation."
Digital Opportunity - A Review of Intellectual Property and Growth
In October of 2010, Ian Hargreaves, a global thought leader in intellectual property matters, was appointed Chair of Digital Economy, based jointly in Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies and Cardiff Business School. The following month, English Prime Minister Cameron commissioned Hargreaves to perform a review of the legal framework underlying intellectual property in the UK, fearing a risk that the current intellectual property framework might not be sufficiently well designed to promote innovation and growth in the UK economy. What has become known as the "Hargreaves Report" was published in May 2011. The detailed report answers the Prime Minister's question "...yes, we have found that the UK's intellectual property framework, especially with regard to copyright, is falling behind what is needed", and supplies alternative remedial strategies.
Plan, Protect and Prosper - How Manufacturers Leverage IP to Create Value and Safeguard Their Futures
DMH Stallard, a law firm with offices in London and Gatwick, has commissioned a timely report (May 2011) on the "challenges faced by manufacturers over protecting data and intellectual property in the age of globalization," with an aim to develop recipes for leveraging IP to create long-term value. The Report results from in depth interviews of key executives from different parts of the manufacturing sector in the UK.

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