BVR’s Business Valuation in Divorce Case Law Compendium, Third Edition

BVR’s Business Valuation in Divorce 
Case Law Compendium, Third Edition
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The most current analysis on how state courts throughout the country assess business valuation methods and view issues specific to divorce cases.

Divorce is a state law matter. Since different states have different statutes and case law pertaining to marital distribution, it can be difficult for attorneys and experts alike to keep up with key valuation developments. BVR’s new Business Valuation in Divorce Case Law Compendium, Third Edition is an indispensable tool for every divorce professional who wants to stay ahead of the game.

Now updated with the most recent court cases featuring divorce cases with a business valuation component, this must-have compendium contains 340+ divorce cases which grapple with key business valuation issues. It is organized into seven key topical sections so you can find the information you need quickly and easily. The new edition includes in-depth coverage from our acclaimed legal analysts as well as top business valuation experts, who report on disputes ranging from personal versus professional goodwill, discounts, tax affecting, and more. This one-of-a-kind legal resource saves hours of research with comprehensive coverage on the best (and worst) practices that attorneys and experts used in making their case in courts throughout the country.

Highlights of the compendium include:

  • Save hours of research time with the most current analysis of the business valuation issues that often arise in divorce cases.  Quickly learn how courts across the U.S. view business valuation methods and approaches in divorce cases with analysis of 340 + cases

  • Easily navigate each state's position on goodwill in divorce. This compendium provides an easy to use reference chart (Jurisprudence in Divorce) as a guide to the complicated topic of how goodwill is viewed on a state-by-state basis

  • Don't miss key strategies that can help you be a more effective financial expert. Get in-depth analysis from BVR’s expert legal team on which techniques financial experts have employed that have either stood up or failed in court

  • Tap into the knowledge of top business valuation experts. In addition to case law analysis, this compendium offers advice from top business valuation experts on valuing goodwill in divorce, double-dipping, tax affecting and discounts
Author/Editor: BVR
Publisher: Business Valuation Resources, LLC
Published: June 2016


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