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Private equity panel says market valuation multiples are down

The consensus of a panel of four private-equity partners at the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA) in Chicago, July 19, was that private equity funds are awash in capital to invest, but market value multiples are down from a year ago, and lenders have reduced tolerable debt-to-equity ratios for new loans. Thus, in spite of lower interest rates, the overall cost of capital is up from a year ago.

NVST.com Private Equity Network

n NVST.COM PRIVATE EQUITY NETWORK www.nvst.com Nvst.com is an Internet "hub" site for the private equity industry. It provides online access to venture capital or merger and acquisition inv ...

Chicago Partnership Board debacle further hinders an already shrinking market for limited partnerships

Talk about finding out that the Chicago Partnership Board went under the hard way! Just ask Dr. Steve Gordon , who recently created a new company called Intelligent Automation Systems, based on his ...

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