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Spotlight on the Jewelry Industry: Are Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend?

No business can be valued in a vacuum, and the jewelry industry has undergone significant changes over the last few years. Join Lynton Kotzin for an overview of the current state and evolution of the jewelry industry. Understand the key value drivers, accounting issues, and the proper application of the different valuation approaches during these changing times.

A Nation Getting Older: Valuing Senior Citizen Focused Companies

Join Vanessa Claiborne to learn the latest market trends in senior living, including the impact of the pandemic on value, key valuation metrics, and the short- and long-term outlook for valuations. With discussions on both skilled nursing and senior housing, this event will assist you in practical ways. Don’t miss this distinguished event.

Restaurant Valuation: Serving Your Clients During the Covid-19 Crisis

Few industries have been as harshly impacted by COVID-19 as the restaurant industry. Join Lynton Kotzin for an overview of the state of the restaurant industry and what the future looks like for different restaurant types. Learn the reasonableness test, value drivers, and proper application of the approaches during these volatile times. Be ready to advise and value your restaurant clients.

Valuing Rural Healthcare Clinics

Rural health clinics (RHCs) are specially certified entities that were created to increase access to primary care services for patients located in rural communities. Demand for rural health services is expected to increase in the coming years due to the aging baby boomer population and its status as potential acquisition targets by nonprofit healthcare organizations seeking to meet their charitable mission. The number of transactions involving RHCs is expected to increase, creating an opportunity for ...

What’s a brewery worth? Key factors when valuing a craft brewery

Explore the key factors that impact the value of a brewery, including cash flow, capacity, and key people/brewmaster.

Seven challenges when valuing electrical contracting companies

Discover solutions to the challenges of valuing electrical contracting companies. Also access a free chapter of BVR's report, What It's Worth: Valuing Electrical Contracting Companies, which offers insights on value drivers, accounting differences, bonding requirements, and more.

What’s an auto dealership worth? Explore the four primary value drivers

From a business valuation perspective, automobile dealerships are different from other commercial businesses. In fact, the unique nature of the car-buying experience is only one of many unique aspects that make it tough for owners to answer the common question, “what is my car dealership worth?” To provide a road map for owners who may be considering selling their dealership and for the business appraisers tasked with valuing them, BVR asked experts to identify the top factors that impact the value of new car dealerships.

Valuing Manufacturing Companies: Value Drivers and Industry Risk

The U.S. manufacturing sector consists of about 256,000 companies with combined annual sales of about $5.5 trillion, according to First Research. Join veteran appraisers Jay Gibson and Brent McDade as they help you assemble your next value for a manufacturing company. Learn about the methodology selection and why it is important to report your opinions using the vernacular of the manufacturing industry. Learn to better defend the procedures and judgments that comprise your valuation and ...

Bonding is a key valuation nuance for electrical contractors

The bonding process is very important for electrical contractors, especially in large metropolitan areas where they can’t work on certain jobs without being bonded.

Hospital CFO panel comments on recent trends at AICPA conference

At the recent AICPA 2015 Healthcare Industry Conference in Las Vegas, several hospital CFOs participated in a panel moderated by Britt Tabor (Erlanger Health System). The panelists were Geoff Gardner (Novant Health), Lori Ritchey-Baldwin (St. Elizabeth Healthcare), and Steven R. Blake (Paladin Healthcare Management, LLC and Avanti Hospitals). They commented on retail health and the impact of the new insurance exchanges.

Price multiples rise for ASCs

Hospitals must boost performance 20%-40% to thrive

Where to find hidden value in a physician practice

Bullish on clinics and outpatient services

New book analyzes small business transaction data

Transaction Patterns is a very interesting and useful book for both the business appraiser and the business broker. The data is compiled from the BIZCOMPS database, but similar analysis could be done on The IBA Market Database and Pratt's Stats, and I believe that results would be similar.

20 years of accumulated thoughts from a BV profession leader

Mike Bolotsky is one of those rare individuals that has spent his entire professional working life in business appraisal, starting with the American Appraisal Princeton office in 1978. His service wit ...

The 1999/2000 Medical Practice Valuation Guidebook: Including the Influence of Managed Care

In addition to raising the bar on medical practice valuation, Mark Dietrich has written a text on physician practice management that is really three books in one.

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