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Financial Expert Guide for Family Law Judges and Attorneys, National Edition

April 2023 PDF, Softcover (413 pages)

John Tatlock, Kevin Yeanoplos, Ron Seigneur

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Financial issues are often the cornerstone issue in dissolution of marriage cases. Contests over the division of marital assets and debts, the determination of whether individual assets are part of the marital estate or one spouse’s separate property, and disagreements over value and allocation frequently merge to become one of, if not the, primary areas of focus of protracted domestic relations litigation in dissolution cases. Learn more >>

BV Year in Review 2022: Ongoing Challenges

What did you miss in 2022? Catch up on the highlights in the business valuation profession through over 70 articles and hundreds of news items this newsletter covered in 2022.

Tips for Developing Your Economic Overview

Understanding all of the elements that go into valuing your business can seem like an overwhelming task. But A Field Guide to Business Valuation has insights to make it less of a challenge. With this post, we focus on Chapter 6.

Best Practices In Developing Intangible Asset Valuations and Asset-based Approach Business Valuations (A BVR Workshop)

Most analysts are familiar with applying the income approach and the market approach to going-concern business valuation. While most valuation professionals may be familiar with applying the asset-based approach to valuing investment holding companies, many are generally not familiar with applying the asset-based approach to valuing going-concern businesses. One reason for this is most analysts are not familiar with the principles of tangible property and intangible property valuation. While some analysts are familiar with applying ...

Estate and Gift: The Complete Valuation Package (A BVR Workshop)

Unwrap all things estate and gift in this engaging session with Marissa Turrell and Carla Glass. This presentation will assume a basic understanding of business valuation, of both operating companies and holding companies, and focus on specifics related to valuing ownership interests for estate and gift purposes. Some topics will focus on issues that arise only in valuation for gift and estate purposes, such as seminal court cases on the matter, Chapter 14, working with ...

BV News and Trends February 2022

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

BV Year in Review 2021: End of an Era

A recap of significant new ideas and developments as reported in over 70 articles and hundreds of news items in the pages of Business Valuation Update during 2021.

Damodaran on the CEO mismatch

Assessing management is a key part of the valuation analysis of a subject company.

BV luminaries celebrate Festivus

What are the bugaboos of leading BV practitioners? For Roger Grabowski (Duff & Phelps/Kroll), it’s errors he sees in estimating long-term growth rates—he contends that analysts should not be using long-term real GDP growth plus expected inflation.

What’s your BV beef? Join the BV Festivus tomorrow, December 9!

In the final episode of BVR’s Power Panel for 2021, a lineup of legendary experts will have a Festivus-themed conversation—with a BV twist.

Option Price Modeling in Early Stage Valuation: Practical Insights

The category of early-stage companies includes startup companies, which have an initial concept, design, or business plan but, not an actual product, as well as multibillion-dollar companies with significant revenue and operations that have yet to reach profitability. The valuation of an early-stage enterprise (ESE) is based on a mix of quantitative analysis, people insight, and intuition for the company’s growth prospects. In spite of their diversity, ESEs have unique characteristics as a group that ...

Understanding Business Valuation - 6th Edition

February 2022 Hardcover, PDF

Gary Trugman

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

In this exciting new edition of Understanding Business Valuation, Gary Trugman takes his characteristic talent for simplifying the technical and complex to even greater heights.  In his easy-to-read and understand style he covers all the bases with valuation approaches, methods, and techniques. Trugman identifies critical points in his callout notes throughout the publication.  Learn more >>

The Story Behind Your Valuation: Damodaran’s Five-Step Framework

One of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis is that a coherent narrative is more important than ever in business valuation, says Dr. Aswath Damodaran, of New York University Stern School of Business, who gave the keynote address at the CBV Congress 2021. A valuation needs a marriage of narrative and numbers, Damodaran says. In a good valuation, the numbers are “bound together” by a coherent narrative, and storytelling is kept grounded with numbers. Too much emphasis on numbers can make valuations mere “plug-and-point exercises” that may be perceived to be sales pitches or a confirmation of preconceived values.

Practical Applications of DLOM: Methods and Data (Part 2)

From rules of thumb to complex approaches, determining what methods to use can be as difficult as determining the actual discount for lack of marketability. Join Pasquale Rafanelli and prepare yourself for upcoming DLOM engagements. In Part 1, learn the pros and cons of each method and how to apply and support them. See these concepts applied in the case study-based Part 2. Attend either or, better yet, both.

Practical Applications of DLOM: Methods and Data (Part 1)

From rules of thumb to complex approaches, determining what methods to use can be as difficult as determining the actual discount for lack of marketability. Join Pasquale Rafanelli and prepare yourself for upcoming DLOM engagements. In Part 1, learn the pros and cons of each method and how to apply and support them. See these concepts applied in the case study-based Part 2.

Business Valuation Year in Review 2020

What a year! This is a recap of developments in the business valuation profession under the shroud of COVID-19 including the latest thinking in methodologies, changes in regulations, new and updated resources, and practice-building ideas.

Restaurant Valuation: Serving Your Clients During the Covid-19 Crisis

Few industries have been as harshly impacted by COVID-19 as the restaurant industry. Join Lynton Kotzin for an overview of the state of the restaurant industry and what the future looks like for different restaurant types. Learn the reasonableness test, value drivers, and proper application of the approaches during these volatile times. Be ready to advise and value your restaurant clients.

10 Time-Tested Ways to Build a Defensible Divorce Valuation

Business valuations prepared for divorce purposes can be much more challenging than valuations can be for other purposes because the rules differ among jurisdictions. There are no clear valuation guidelines for divorce in most states. For example, there’s no specific definition of value in state statutes governing divorce. Also, divorce courts exercise a great deal of discretion—even if there is an abundance of judicial precedent (which can be confusing and contradictory).

Masterclass in Normalizing Compensation

Three nationally known experts will explain how to determine reasonable compensation amounts. The principal author of the Job Aid, Mike Gregory, will explain the “IRS Job Aid on Reasonable Compensation” and share case studies with many tips and traps. One of the foremost national experts on reasonable compensation, Stephen Kirkland, will share insights and sources to help determine reasonable compensation for your clients. Paul Hamann will show how easy it is to use RCReports to ...

Valuing Residential and Commercial Construction Companies

Cash flow seasonality, bid requirements, license particulars, economic forces, and ubiquitous litigation are all hallmarks of the residential and commercial construction industries and all unique factors when appraising a construction company. Join What it’s Worth guide author and expert Pasquale Rafanelli for a full inspection of residential and commercial construction company valuation issues from accounting methods to value drivers. Avoid the common valuation mistakes that appraisers make and learn to answer the one question on ...

Valuing Distressed and Impaired Companies in the Time of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic has created perhaps the most unusual economic downturn at least in our lifetimes and likely in the past 100 years. For Americans, the Pandemic stopped in its tracks one of the most explosive economic growth and expansion in many years, if ever. Overnight almost, businesses that were economically sound and growing were turned into distressed and impaired businesses. Jim Alerding will analyze the valuation perspective needed to value a distressed or impaired ...

Don’t Automatically Reject the Asset Approach for Going Concerns

Many valuation analysts immediately reject the asset-based approach for operating businesses, but this is a problem, say Robert Reilly and Weston Kirk, who are both with Willamette Management Associates. The method is rejected too often because analysts are not familiar enough with the asset approach or they have misconceptions about when (and when not) to apply it.

Stripping Away the Mystery; Valuing Adult Cabaret Businesses

Valuing an adult cabaret business may make your colleagues laugh, but, with unique operating characteristics, entertainer relationships, and significant risks and contingencies, there are many concerns to give experts pause. Join David Shindel and Rod Burkert for a look at valuation rules of thumb and a discussion of the current operating environment. Learn the common reasons for valuations: eminent domain, estate and succession planning, damage claims, employment issues, and tax litigation. Learn about the various ...

Business Valuation Year in Review 2019

A look back at some of the developments in the BV profession in 2019, including important court rulings on tax affecting pass-through entities, a possible upending to the goodwill model, a new cost of capital platform gaining traction, and advances in fair value for financial reporting.

BVU News and Trends April 2019

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

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