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Case Studies in Contingent Consideration

A significant component of the transaction price in an M&A or buyout transaction often consists of proceeds that are “contingent” upon the target company’s achievement of certain performance targets after the closing has taken place. From the perspective of the seller, “contingent consideration” represents the right to receive additional assets or equity interests from the buyer (earnout), or the obligation to return part of the proceeds from the transactions (clawback) if specified future events occur ...

Specific company risk factor

In Dr. Pratts book, there is (page 76) "The Specific Risk Factor" and the "Expanded CAPM Cost of Capital Formula." This is a very basic question: The use of the expanded model, which include ...

Estate of Hoffman v. Commissioner

At issue is the fair market value of property interests held by decedent at the time of her death.

Appraisers Apply Myriad of Valuation Techniques to Various Estate Holdings

Marcia Hoffman's (decedent) estate held a 27.5% interest in Clubside Partnership, which was family owned.

Demystifying the user of beta in the determination of the cost of capital and an illustration of its use in Lazard's valuation of Conrail

The Journal of Corporation Law , Winter 2000, Vol. 25 This article discusses deriving the figure for beta (a measure of a security's sensitivity to market movements) in valuing capital budgeting ...

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