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Zero goodwill in veterinary practice absent noncompete agreement

In this marital dissolution case, the wife appealed the valuation of her husband's veterinary practice, claiming that the trial court incorrectly valued the goodwill of the practice at zero.

A lawyer's guide to asset-based approaches to business valuation

Generally, asset-based approaches to valuation deal with a simplified view of the net assets and liabilities of a corporation. Fair market value is determined under asset-based approaches by using the ...

Revenue Ruling 68-609

Rev. Rul. 68-609 n1 n1 Prepared pursuant to Rev. Proc. 67-6, C.B. 1967-1, 576. SECTION 1001. - DETERMINATION OF AMOUNT OF AND RECOGNITION OF GAIN OR LOSS 26 CFR 1.1001-1: Computation o ...

CHIPS release updated Physician Practice Acquistion Resource book

Cleverley, William O., Ph.D., CPA, Patrick J. Knott, MBA, and Carson F. Dye. The 1997-98 Physician Practice Acquisition Resource Book. The Centerfor Healthcare Industry Performance Studies. 1550 Ol ...

Strauss v. Strauss

At issue is the valuation of professional goodwill as maritial property and the valuation of tangible assets of husband's dental practice.

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