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New Jersey court applies DLOM in forced buyout: Defendant’s conduct created ‘extraordinary circumstance’

In adjudicating a New Jersey family dispute that escalated into an oppressed shareholder action, the trial court recently found the oppressing shareholder had created a situation that mandated the application of a discount for marketability (DLOM) in order to achieve a “fair and equitable” outcome.

IRS S Corp Job Aid is now available

New cases added to BVLaw

Nevada adopts ‘Delaware’ approach to fair value

New cases recently added to BV Law

George P. Viener v. Neal Jacobs, et al.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court reversed a trial court's determination of value in this oppressed shareholder case.

Missala Marine Services, Inc. v. Jenny Kay Odom

The Supreme Court of Mississippi affirmed a jury’s award of compensatory and punitive damages.

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