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PwC valuation team completes restructuring deal for Travelex

PwC’s engagement to calculate the fresh capital needed to keep the remainder of ailing Travelex afloat has been completed with an agreement to provide £84 million.

Revenue Ruling 83-120

Rev. Rul. 83-120 Section 2512. -- Valuation of Gifts 26 CFR 25.2512-2: Stocks and bonds. (Also Sections 305, 351, 354, 368, 2031; 1.305-5, 1.351-1, 1.354-1, 1.368-1, 20.2031-2. ) 1983-2 ...

Supreme Court Affirms Board's Reliance on Solvency Opinion

On appeal, plaintiffs brought a punitive class-action suit alleging that the repurchase of shares in connection with an acquisition resulted in the impairment of capital.

Klang v. Smith's Food & Drug Center, Inc. (II)

Issue is whether directors breached their fiduciary duty of candor by failing to disclose material facts prior to shareholder approval of transactions.

Plaintiff Challenges Going Concern Asset Valuation Premise Used in Solvency Opinion

Plaintiffs sought rescission on a series of transactions including a merger, stock repurchase and certificate amendment.

Klang v. Smith's Food & Drug Centers, Inc. (I)

Plaintiffs sought recission on a series of transactions including a merger, stock repurchase and certificate amendment on theory that directors breached fiduciary duty.

Saltzman v. Commissioner

One of the issues was the fair market value of the family trusts' MBI stock at the time of the recapitalization.

Hutchens Non-Marital Trust v. Commissioner

At issue is the valuation of the stock of a family-owned corporation for estate gift tax purposes.

Hutchens v. Commissioner

The marketability discount issue in this case arose in connection with the question of whether the common stock decedent and his wife surrendered in a recapitalization of their family-owned corporation was worth more than the preferred stock they received, thus resulting in taxable gifts.

Estate of Hall v. Commissioner

At issue is the value for estate tax purposes of decedent's equity interest in Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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