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Pre-IPO studies should be at the center of the DLOM debate

Cox v. Cox

Court confirms appropriateness of applying a 50% marketability discount to the post-marital value of a steel business but not to its premarital valuation, citing the changes in the steel industry and company-specific factors.

Major new updates to the two leading DLOM databases due soon

Widely-used DLOM database adds Calculator

Why do companies issue restricted stock?

Kaminsky v. Herrick Feinstein LLP

New York court decides appropriate measure for failure to deliver stock options on brink of IPO is date of breach.

Lack of marketability discounts suffer more controversial attacks

The apparently well-meaning Drs. John Kania and Mukesh Bajaj are at it again, espousing discounts for lack of marketability for stocks of closely held companies that are a fraction of those encountered in the real world.

From experts in valuation in each of nine industry groups to a takeoff on Survivor, AICPA BV Conference offers variety

The 2001 AICPA Business Valuation Conference held at the Venetian in Las Vegas December 2-4 was attended by 840 people (by the way, the Venetian served the best conference food that I've ever experienced).

Panel challenges traditional levels of value chart at the 20th Advanced Business Valuation Conference

The 20th annual American Society of Appraisers (ASA) Advanced Business Valuation Conference was a huge success, despite attendance of only about 325 compared to pre-Sept. 11 projections of 450 attende ...

What's new online

Ordering online now available at BVResources.com sm We are excited to announce that we have revamped our BVResources.com sm Web site and enabled the electronic ordering feature in our onlin ...

The value of marketability as illustrated in IPOs: May 1997 - December 2000

A critical aspect in determining the fair market value of closely held securities is the discount for lack of marketability. The term discount for lack of marketability is a general term in business v ...

2001 ASA International Appraisal Conference, part 1

The American Society of Appraisers annual multidisciplinary conference was held in Pittsburgh, Pa., July 23-25. The theme of the conference was "Build New Bridges into the Millennium," given that this ...

2000 marketability discounts as reflected in initial public offerings

This interview by Alina Niculita is based on the Valuation Advisors Study of pre-IPO transactions for the year 2000. The complete article describing the study is available on BVLibrary.com ...

Buy-Sell Agreements Fail Lauder II Test and Are Considered Testamentary Devices

This 336-page estate and gift case deals with a $75,935,883 tax deficiency and $30,328,153 in associated penalties asserted by the IRS.

Discounts and premiums must be supported with empirical data

In my April 2001 Editor's Column I discussed the treatment of marketability discounts in court cases, and briefly touched on empirical data to support those discounts. This column is a follow-up and includes an expanded discussion of the empirical studies available not only for marketability discounts, but for control premiums and minority discounts as well.

Estate of True v. Commissioner

1Cases of the following petitioners are consolidated herewith: Jean D. True, docket No. 3408-98 and Estate of H.A. True, Jr., Deceased, H.A. True, III, Personal Representative, docket No. 3409-98. T.C. Memo. 2001-167 UNITED STATES TAX COURT ESTATE OF H.A. TRUE, JR., DECEASED, H.A. TRUE, III, PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE, AND JEAN D. TRUE, ET AL.1, Petitioners v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent Docket Nos. 10940-97, 3408-98, Filed July 6, 2001. 3409-98. Buford P. Berry, Emily A. Parker ...

Buy-Sell Agreements Are Testamentary Devices

This 336-page estate and gift case deals with a $75,935,883 tax deficiency and $30,328,153 in associated penalties asserted by the IRS.

Buy-Sell Agreements Do Not Control for Estate Tax Purposes

The Tax Court considered whether buy-sell agreements controlled the value of the business interests the decedent held for estate and gift tax purposes.

Marketability discounts frequently a big money appraisal controversy

The applicability and/or magnitude of discounts for lack of marketability often are a large, if not the largest, money issue in a disputed business valuation. Lawyers should know enough about marketability discounts to make at least a preliminary judgment about their own and the opposing expert's justification as to the applicability or lack if it, and if applicable, justification as to the magnitude.

Does block size affect DLOM

Has anyone ever published data indicating premiums or discounts for varying ownership percentages? For instance, has anyone produced the following chart for a privately held company?

The value of marketability as illustrated in dot.com IPOs: May 1997-March 2000

This study is an outgrowth of the eight pre-IPO discount studies published by John D. Emory, Sr. covering 1980-1997. The complete results of this study, with exhibits and expanded text analysis ...

Quantifying marketability discounts

I am in the process of completing my demonstration reports for my CBA. I used a 30% LOM discount after deriving a value for a closely held, small business using the Ibbotson build up method.

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