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BV News and Trends May 2024

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

New issue of ASA’s BV Review added to BVResearch Pro

Among many other resources, the BVResearch Pro platform contains the full archive of the Business Valuation Review going back to 1982.

On Improving Estimation of Co-Movements in Stochastically Correlated Inputs in Monte Carlo Simulations

This article introduces the use of the Gerber statistic when performing a Monte Carlo simulation for cases when two or more random inputs are correlated. When interdependent random variables violate certain standard assumptions required for use of the traditional historical Pearson correlation matrix, the Gerber statistic can provide a better estimate of correlation and, consequently, of the value of the subject asset. This article examines the strengths and weakness of the Gerber method relative to ...

Advanced Class on Monte Carlo Simulations

Participants will learn next-level skills in Monte Carlo simulations, such as: constructing confidence intervals, two or more random variables that are correlated, and using non-Excel software platforms (i.e., Python, Octave). Participants will also learn some VBA coding for running Monte Carlo simulations. The webinar will also present multiple Monte Carlo simulation examples, such as: contingent consideration with correlated variables, dealing with future dilutive financing rounds in an option pricing model/equity allocation framework, and option pricing ...

The Use of Monte Carlo in Valuation

Participants will understand the origins of Monte Carlo, as well as learn basic applications for use in the real world. The webinar will cover basic statistics and mathematics required to understand how Monte Carlo simulations are performed, including discussing the central limit theorem and the law of large numbers. The participant will learn how to model stochastic equity/asset processes for use in option pricing and contingent consideration valuations. The participant will learn basic Excel functions ...

A Hybrid Approach to Determining Company-Specific Risk

This webinar will first explain the theoretical reasoning as to why a company-specific risk premium is necessary for a small business when using the buildup method to estimate the cost of capital. I will then present a hybrid approach using the multiattribute utility model to quantify the company-specific risk premium. Finally, I will show how to incorporate Monte Carlo simulation into the model to determine the range of potential company-specific risk premium. Attendees will have ...

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies: Practical Insights for Valuation Professionals

SPACs have become a common vehicle for management to take companies public. The valuation of SPAC shares and warrants often requires the use of more complex statistical techniques such as option pricing models and Monte Carlo simulation and a detailed review of contractual terms in the SPAC prospectus and securities agreements. Join Antonella Puca, who will focus on practical considerations and case studies. This webinar is meant to help you address the special challenges of ...

Monte Carlo 101: How to Set Up Your First Simulation

Join Oksana Westerbeke and Keith Konen to learn the basics of the Monte Carlo simulation. Review the pros and cons of different software used for Monte Carlo simulations. Then dive into the steps to set up your first Monte Carlo simulation with a detailed discussion of the “assumptions” and “forecast” of the Monte Carlo simulation, the analytics and output, and troubleshooting. Learn through the hands-on visual presentation of designing and implementing a Monte Carlo simulation ...

Navigation Through the Maze in Complex Debt Instruments Valuation

Global convertible security issuance has surged in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak as companies rush to raise cash to see them through the economic impact. This has resulted in an increase in demand for fair valuation requirement for convertible instruments. However, determination of fair value of convertible instruments can be a challenging task. Multiple provisions and attributes of the underlying security need to be considered and modeled. Join Mark Zyla, Rajesh C. Khairajani, and ...

School of Probability: The Use of Monte Carlo in Valuation

The one thing we know about valuations is that the future is unpredictable. How we deal with that uncertainty is critical to developing credible valuations. Join Oksana Westerbeke and Keith Konen to learn how Monte Carlo simulations can be used to deal with the uncertainty, allowing you to generate insights for your client and build credible valuations.

American Business Appraisers and BVR Annual Key Issues Update

Every year American Business Appraisers brings together experts from across the country for a frank and practical discussion of the issues impacting business valuation. This year, everyone is invited to four great sessions. Get a current update on the SBA Paycheck Protection Program and the forgiveness application. Adam Rosenfield gives an overview of what the most recent changes to the program are and how that affects clients/future clients. Get guidance on how the loan and ...

Case Studies in Contingent Consideration

A significant component of the transaction price in an M&A or buyout transaction often consists of proceeds that are “contingent” upon the target company’s achievement of certain performance targets after the closing has taken place. From the perspective of the seller, “contingent consideration” represents the right to receive additional assets or equity interests from the buyer (earnout), or the obligation to return part of the proceeds from the transactions (clawback) if specified future events occur ...

Valuing Distressed and Impaired Companies in the Time of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic has created perhaps the most unusual economic downturn at least in our lifetimes and likely in the past 100 years. For Americans, the Pandemic stopped in its tracks one of the most explosive economic growth and expansion in many years, if ever. Overnight almost, businesses that were economically sound and growing were turned into distressed and impaired businesses. Jim Alerding will analyze the valuation perspective needed to value a distressed or impaired ...

Business Valuation OIV Journal Spring 2019

Business Valuation OIV Journal has been created by Organismo Italiano di Valutazione (OIV), the Italian Valuation Standard Setter, to provide a forum for discussion and to foster cultural progress in the field of business valuation. In this issue, articles include "Company Valuation as Result of Risk Analysis: Replication Approach as an Alternative to the CAPM"; "Residual Income Model and Abnormal Returns: A Comparison to Factor Styles and Sell-Side Analysts"; and "Critical Issues When Valuating Small Businesses".

Size-adjusting Volatility

Since the valuation of corporate securities with option-like features issued by the private companies requires an estimate of volatility based upon comparable public companies and the comparable companies are often larger, the use of unadjusted volatilities may understate the volatility of the subject private company. This article provides an up-to-date research review on the need for size-adjusting volatility. We also present a simple methodology to size adjust comparable companies that is easily updated with data ...

Suggested Quality-Assurance Practices for Monte Carlo Analysis of a Geometric Brownian Motion Process

This article suggests certain procedures that a valuation specialist can perform to test the results of a Monte Carlo analysis of a geometric Brownian motion process. First, this paper describes the Monte Carlo technique and the geometric Brownian motion process. Next, several examples are provided to show simulation results using different assumptions. Finally, this paper recommends certain procedures, calculations, and analyses that will help test the veracity of the model.

Tips and Takeaways From the NYSSCPA BV Conference

BVU attended the annual business valuation conference of the New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA) on May 21 in New York City. As usual, it was an excellent conference, and here are a few takeaways from the sessions.

Tips and takeaways from the NYSSCPA BV event

BVWire attended the annual business valuation conference of the New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA) on May 21 in New York City.

BVU News and Trends June 2018

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Earnouts and the Monte Carlo Method: Practice Tips for Implementation

Practice tips to use when implementing a Monte Carlo method (MCM) analysis to value earnout rights or obligations, plus a brief overview of earnout provisions and the MCM.

Monte Carlo in court

During a recent webinar on the use of Monte Carlo for valuing distressed companies, an audience member asked: “Have the bankruptcy court and other courts accepted the Monte Carlo method?”

Monte Carlo in Distressed Company Situations

The high amount of uncertainty when valuing a distressed company requires a professional to move beyond valuations basic tool set. Often, it isn’t even clear that a company can continue with operations, and this uncertainty brings fresh complications to consider. Hone your skills in this session looking at the key considerations when tackling a distressed company engagement. Join Jim Alerding and Matt Bernstein as they discuss how to identify key inputs and how to employ ...

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