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Settles v. Leslie

At issue is the clamin by minority shareholders of a closely held corporation of breach of fiduciary duty by the corporation's majority shareholders, who allegedly missappropriated corporate funds.

Judicial Appraisal Exclusive Remedy for Indiana Shareholders

Plaintiffs were minority shareholders of Mi-Tech Metals Inc., an Indiana corporation.

Grace v. Rosenstock

At issue is a claim by the plaintiffs of breach of fiduciary duty.

Controlling Stockholders Have No Duty to Share Control Premium Received

NCC Industries is a publicly traded Delaware corporation involved in the garment business.

Adjusting usually inappropriate when valuing a minority interest

I have read both in your books and in the Reader/Editor Exchange of your newsletter how certain adjustments, or lack thereof, consider a closely-held companys earning capacity in light of t ...

Herzog, Heine, Geduld, Inc. v. NCC Industries

Plaintiffs alleged breach of fiduciary duty based on majority shareholders sale of stock at a control premium price, where public sale price dropped significantly thereafter.

Minority Shareholder Retains Rights Until Legal Title Is Relinquished

Minority shareholder (Plaintiff) was employed by Drever Partners Inc., a closely held company, and later became the chief operating officer of the company.

Stephenson v. Drever

At issue are the rights of the plaintiff, a minority shareholder, during the postemployment period necessary to determine the value of his shares pursuant to the buy-sell agreement.

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