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Estate of Simplot v. Commissioner (II)

Ninth Circuit reversed and ordered entry of judgment in favor of the estate on remand because the Tax Court erroneously attributed a premium to minority voting stock.

Skokos v. Skokos

At issue is the valuation of the marital property and the admittance of expert testimony.

Court Finds Valuation From Certified Expert Reliable

The valuation issue in this appeal of a marital dissolution property distribution concerns the couple's interest in two cellular telephone companies, one located in Little Rock ("Little Rock ...

Business appraisal methodology

As a business valuation expert with Sanli, Pastore & Hill, Inc., I recently performed an interesting valuation of a hotel in North Platte, Nebraska. North Platte has a population of 25,000 and i ...

L.R.M. v. R.K.M.

Husband also contends that the court erred in valuing his partnership interest.

Fair market value of law firm partnership interest includes more than capital account value

The valuation issue raised in this marital dissolution concerned the husband's partnership interest in a law firm.

Minority discounts should be applied in family law cases

There is disagreement among lawyers and appraisers regarding whether minority discounts should be applied in valuing an interest in a closely held company in the family law setting. In this article, M ...

Minority v. control discount rate

We are currently trying to find support refuting the argument that discount rates developed by using minority trades in publicly traded stocks result in a minority value. In your book Valu ...

IBA presents sample appraisal reports

Business Appraisal Reports Library , Vols. I and II , The Institute of Business Appraisers, Inc. , P.O. Box 17410, Plantation, FL 33318, (800) 299-4130, members: $499 (CD only-$399), nonmember: $59 ...

Parrott v. Coopers & Lybrand, L.L.P.

At issue is the valuation of employee's stock after termination and breach of fiduciary duty by the majority shareholder.

Accountants for Company Not Liable to Terminated Employee

This accountant malpractice action arose as a result of the plaintiff's efforts to obtain a higher price for his 40,500 shares of stock of Pasadena Capital Corp., an investment advisor firm.

The oxymoron of "control, marketable"

When we use the terms "marketable" or "nonmarketable" in business appraisal, we typically are referring to minority interests. Yet, some people apply the expression "marketable" or "nonmarketable" to controlling interests, where the distinction seems meaningless.

Matthews critiques Mercers Simplot case review

Chris Mercer reviewed the Simplot case in the May 1999 issue of BVU , page 1. Gil Matthews, an IRS expert in the case, offers the following critique of Mercers review.–SP In his review ...

Brenengen v. Brenengen

At issue is the valuation of husband's minority interest in a family partnership.

Court Disallows Minority Discount When the Partner Can Force the Dissolution of the Partnership

The primary issue in this case is the valuation of the husband's partnership interest. He claims that since he holds a minority interest in the company, it is appropriate to apply a minority ...

IBA Conference

n The court appointed expert Darrell V. Arne, CBA, ASA, CPA, CBI Arne & Co. Albuquerque, NM Darrell emphasized that there is a demand for court-appointed experts, courts and litig ...

Mercer set record straight re Estate of Welch case

Last month (p.3) we reported the U.S. Tax Court case of Welch v. Commissioner , in which the sole issue was a discount for built-in capital gains taxes on real estate owned by operating com ...

ASA meeting brings fresh insights to business valuation professionals

n VALUATION FROM A FIDUCIARY PERSPECTIVE Norman P. Goldberg, J.D. U.S. Trust Co. Washington, D.C. Norman predicted that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the case of Howard ...

Adjusting usually inappropriate when valuing a minority interest

I have read both in your books and in the Reader/Editor Exchange of your newsletter how certain adjustments, or lack thereof, consider a closely-held companys earning capacity in light of t ...

Court affirms buy-sell agreement's impact on share price

Wife appeals the trial court's distribution of property, and claims husband's 293 shares of closely-held stock is community property.

Chatterton v. Business Valuation Research

At issue is whether the buyout agreement precluded discounts for liquidation costs.

Value Under Buy-Sell Agreement Is Going-Concern Value

The Washington Court of Appeals, Division III, determined that a minority shareholder's interest should be valued as a going concern less a minority discount for a sale completed according to a buy-sell agreement.

In re the Marriage of Gillespie

At issue is the valuation of husband's shares in an insurance company and a covenant not to compete.

Court Cites Factors in Revenue Ruling 59-60 to Determine 'Fair Value'; Minority and Marketability Discounts Left to Trial Court's Discretion

The issue in this case is the "fair value" to be assigned to the dissenting shareholders' common stock in Weigel, a company engaged in the business of commercial television broadcasting.

More Court Cases... Marital Dissolution: Milbauer

The parties were in significant disagreement with respect to the value of the defendant's interest in a business (a warehousing and freight forwarding company that augmented the defendant's ...

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